Coffee by Uber (deli)

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Uber Coffee (mug not included) 

The UBER BLEND offers a full-bodied, but smooth taste, with a light fruit & floral acidity. Picked and roasted specifically to origin taste profile with a dark chocolate and nut background, creating a smooth option for all coffee and milk-based drinks.

  • The UBER BLEND is a carefully constructed blend of 3 Arabica beans selected from CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA as well as AFRICA.
  • Coffee is roasted in a traditional drum roaster.
  • The greens are all roasted to a medium profile, consistently achieving Maillard Reaction.
  • Our coffees are slowly roasted to develop a sweet, caramel nature in the cup

Ground coffee for filter use  250g at R:80.00

Coffee beans 250g at R:80