Community pay it forward initiative

We as The Clay Cafe are proud to be supporting our Hout Bay community with soup cook-ups in our massive 400 L pot as well as hot meal drop offs. Massive thanks for your contributions, by purchasing an online home painting kit your are enabling us to continue cooking and looking after our staff and our greater community. Massive thanks goes out to Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund for R30 000 donation to our soup kitchen, Oakhurst Spar in Hout Bay for a massive amount of fresh produce, Gracie love in a bowl for their continued support and donation of food, Abaloni small fisheries for their weekly fish contribution, The Bay Brigade for R4000, Spur Steak ranches for 222 loves of bread and 35 kg of cottage cheese,  our weekly volunteers and everyone  who continues to shop from us. If you would like to donate please get in touch with us on